Designing, construction and reconstruction

One of the major direction of activity of the enterprise is design, construction and reconstruction of bridges. Many of construction projects completed by “LATVIJAS TILTI” JSC became architectural landmarks of Riga, the capital of Latvia – the enterprise alone, or in cooperation with some other enterprise, built all bridges across Daugava River. Currently, the enterprise is receiving a well deserved recognition for its objects that not only contribute to the development of transport infrastructure, but also have an architectural and cultural value. 

In recent years, the enterprise is actively involved in variety of international projects, for example in design and construction of two new bridges in Estonia, on the borderline of Tallinn. In Lithuania, “LATVIJAS TILTI” JSC implements the construction of the new bridge across Neman River, which creates the borderline between Lithuania and Kaliningrad region of Russian Federation. Within this project, “LATVIJAS TILTI” JSC carries out the construction of more than 460 meters long bridge, as well as construction of bridge overpass and reinforcing wall. 

The total number of objects built around the world since the foundation of the enterprise exceeds 2000. You can find them in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Dagestan, Vietnam, Yemen, Moldova and many other countries.