Construction of pile foundations

Pile driver Junttan PM20 carries out pile driving: 300x300, 350x350 mm, length up to 14 m (pre-cast piles - up to 36 m).

The pile driving method has several advantages:

  1. "Latvijas tilti" JSC uses a hydraulic hammer, which has a 2.5-3 times lower dynamic impact on neighbouring buildings compared to a diesel hammer;
  2. The quality of the pile manufacturing is checked at the factory rather than on the construction site, which gives an almost 100% quality guarantee;
  3. Driving piles have always been and still remain the cheapest, fastest and safest type of pile foundation

The new technologies of driving of drilled piles, which were mastered by LATVIJAS TILTI in year 2014, extend the capabilities of safe construction of foundations on unstable grounds, as well as in urban density conditions. The mobile drilling machines Bauer BG30 and Bauer BG28 H allow arranging pile foundations with or without ground excavation, to a depth of up to 33 m.

Five reasons to choose the new technologies of LATVIJAS TILTI:

  1. High bearing capacity and durability of drilled piles in comparison with driven piles, which makes them suitable for infrastructure, industrial and high-rise construction.
  2. Speed ​​of construction and availability of technology.
  3. Possibility of construction on wet and running grounds due to the deep piling and support on stable grounds of its foundation.
  4. No vibration and impact on buildings around the construction site, which allows performing of the  construction in historical districts.
  5. The possibility of organising a foundation without the excavation pit or using drilled piles as an enclosure structure when constructing basements, which reduces the time, material and money costs.


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