"LATVIJAS TILTI" JSC holds a leading position in Latvia and the Baltic States in the field of infrastructure design and construction (hydrotechnical projects, marine construction, construction of bridges, roads, overpasses and other manufactured structures).

Founded back in the year 1942 of the last century as "Мостоотряд № 5", the enterprise started its restoration activity in regard to the bridges, overpasses and railways destroyed during World War II.

Later, the enterprise, named "Мостоотряд № 17", was performing active work on the construction and reconstruction of bridges, overpasses and other road infrastructure objects, mainly in the Baltic region.

After the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia, the enterprise was privatised by the "Zinātniskās ražošanas apvienība LNK" holding, received the name "LATVIJAS TILTI" JSC and became part of "LNK Industries", its subdivision. During this period the scope of competence of the company has been greatly expanded - the Joint Stock Company became active in the field of marine construction: construction of the piers, quay walls, deep-water pile and other hydrotechnical structures.

Today, thanks to its modern production base and extensive, regularly updated construction equipment fleet, "LATVIJAS TILTI" JSC implements solutions to complex engineering and construction problems for its clients, without involving external resources. The possibility of applying such an approach allows "LATVIJAS TILTI" JSC to ensure optimum quality control at all stages of project implementation, as well as deliver the produced building constructions to the objects in the shortest possible time, ensuring the optimal price of the finished object and use of the most advanced engineering solutions.

"LATVIJAS TILTI" JSC has been awarded with the European Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2008 and the Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001:2004. Our experts have the relevant experience and certificates required for the successful implementation of all the design and construction works.

Over more than 70 years, the experts of "LATVIJAS TILTI" JSC have built more than two thousand bridges and hydrotechnical objects both in Latvia and abroad. Now there are also branches of the enterprise in Estonia and Lithuania. We are proud of the work done and we look confidently into the future!